T-T-T update


T-T-T comes to an end. During the last 3 years a small team kept on developing my Bachelors Thesis from 2016.

Here is a collection of concepts and technologies that we acquired and developed. Thanks to everyone who was part of this.


free projects, learning

Exploring AR/VR/MR design approaches. Its insane how fast the mindset changes and new ideas about Ar/Vr pop up constantly. Especially the bus stop gave me new approaches about recurring visual objects in real world that could be important indicators for AR interfaces


VR Ballet

work in progress

Working on a VR ballet experience of Oskar Schlemmer from Bauhaus. Being on set is allways super exciting – especially when there are so many people working on something big. We are creating motion captures of the ballet dancers to bring a realistic impression of their movements into VR headsets. Thanks to Artificial Rome for having me.


2018-04-11 18_26_41

Cleaning the motion capturing gives interesting insights


6 amazing weeks


T-T-T exhibitions at the Table Tennis World Champion chip in Düsseldorf and at the Mobile World Congress shanghai, a music video Production with CRO for his latest single „unendlichkeit“ and an other T-T-T exhibition at TOA Berlin


Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.


And here the finally less trippy video of „unendlichkeit“ enjoy



Bett App


recently i have been working on a interesting project. Individual software development for arbitrage betting. It is quite impressive how many informations are necessary to master this game.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.


We also worked on the work environment – here some rough images of the screen set up

Screenshot 2018-04-11 15.40.58 Screenshot 2018-04-11 15.41.23

Business Cards for Boukis

free projects

Last week in laval Virtual we had some spare time to work on business cards for Boukis. Its allways fun to work on business cards, especially if there is an experimental way to do so. But it is quite touch when your client/friend is sitting next to you all the time and observing every click you are doing you

Setting up

work experience

wow – i am currently in Sao Paulo | Brasil setting up the Oculus Rift with the Optitrack cameras for an art Exhibition. That i am in the middle of my graduation Project is quite fine. I ll have a Campari Orange later and write my documentation by 30° while we have snow in germany

Setting up

Setting up





Daniel Stegmanns Phantom installation is a 3D Scan point cloud of the rain forest




Impressions from The shooting

office experience

The Shooting becomes more and more exhausting. After two and a half months constantly being in the studio is tougher than expected. The general vibe is still great – the ping pong table helps a lot. First meeting with the Alexa, what a master pice of engineering. the hole team was massively impressed.





alexa and my rigid body. seems all fine




augmented realty automotive

learning, university

we are currently working on a new concept for the automotive industry. we are experimenting with a projector on top of a car. I developed in vvvv a patch to project the driving trails. We are getting the data of the steering wheel by a modified mouse attached to the steering wheel.


After prototyping and working on the project we finally presented our project to Audi in Ingolstadt



Kinect body tracking

Screenshot 2018-04-11 18.52.18

Rail projection in Ingolstadt