T-T-T update


T-T-T comes to an end. During the last 3 years a small team kept on developing my Bachelors Thesis from 2016.

Here is a collection of concepts and technologies that we acquired and developed. Thanks to everyone who was part of this.


free projects, learning

Exploring AR/VR/MR design approaches. Its insane how fast the mindset changes and new ideas about Ar/Vr pop up constantly. Especially the bus stop gave me new approaches about recurring visual objects in real world that could be important indicators for AR interfaces


VR Ballet

work in progress

Working on a VR ballet experience of Oskar Schlemmer from Bauhaus. Being on set is allways super exciting – especially when there are so many people working on something big. We are creating motion captures of the ballet dancers to bring a realistic impression of their movements into VR headsets. Thanks to Artificial Rome for having me.


2018-04-11 18_26_41

Cleaning the motion capturing gives interesting insights